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It's time to stop the blah, blah, blah chatter about diversity and do something about it.
But until we admit that bias exists in us all, increasing diversity amongst the ranks in our industry is not going to happen. It’s time to come out from behind PC-ness and face prejudice so we can overcome it. Once acknowledged, there are real, actionable things we can do to overcome it. This panel session, led by an expert in diversity strategy and the co-author of Overcoming Bias, will help us take the first step forward.

Every one of us over the age of 5 has formed some bias, either conscious or unconscious. Tiffany Jana, CEO and President of TMI, a diversity and inclusion strategy consultant company, argues in her book that bias (not prejudice) is a hard-wired survival mechanism; you just don't have to let your conscious biases go unchallenged. You can overcome the impact they have on your life and the lives of others. There are real, actionable, exercises we can do to un-condition ourselves and be more welcoming and inclusive of those different from us. Ms. Jana will kick off the discussion with our panel, an extremely outspoken, and of course diverse, group.

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Helayne Spivak Executive Director VCU Brandcenter
Brian Collins CCO/Co-Founder COLLINS
Tiffany Jana President/CEO TMI Consulting Inc.
Barbara Lippert Media Columnist
Alain Sylvain Founder and CEO Sylvain Labs

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