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How do we get unified - tech, agencies and clients - around metrics that truly reflect a consumer's interests and behaviors? Old measurement standards like CTR and VCR are rapidly becoming out-of-date. How do you nurture the relationship between your brand and your consumer in this hyper-connected, always on world? Tapad's Kate O'Loughlin will host an engaging, action-oriented discourse to evolve the way we look at measurement standards across devices.

How to optimizes your campaign’s viewability rate and delivery to drive more conversions from your consumers. Build cross-screen campaigns that impact - not annoy - your most desired audiences and prevent over-serving ads to consumers already intent on purchasing your products - saving your brand time and money.

Join us on 9/28 for Unify Tech '16 where speakers who unify audiences, disrupt their industries and inspire innovation in their respective fields will treat you to a half-day of thought-provoking discourse. Reception immediately to follow, featuring special guest T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley's Erlich Bachman). View Less

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Kate O'Loughlin SVP & GM, Media Business Tapad
Benjamin Bring Vice President, Mobile Media Director Ansible
Jeff Ratner EVP, Activation Strategy Optimedia

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