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Earlier this year, Comscore conducted a study showing Podcast ads to be the most beloved form of digital advertising among users. In addition, one out of three listeners said they planned to listen to a lot more in the coming year.
This data aligns with Edison's research about the steadily growing US Podcast audience (24% growth in US listening 12+ from 2015 to 2016). In a digital advertising environment fraught with concerns around viewability, a handful of players are changing the mobile branding game...with Podcasts.

Imagine a branded experience that users eagerly anticipate every week. Imagine an experience that teaches, entertains, and informs, on behalf of a brand. Imagine users being grateful to a brand for bringing them this experience. Welcome to the world of branded content as podcasts. Join the pioneers in this space as they walk through the creative process, the potential minefields, and the dramatic results of this new way of connecting brands and consumers. View Less

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Samantha Henig Editorial Director for Audio The New York Times
Steve Pratt Partner Branded podcasts for Slack, Shopify and Envoy at Pacific Content
Matt Leiber Co-Founder Gimlet Media
Bryan Moffett General Manager NPR/NPM
Sarah van Mosel CCO Acast
Matt Turck CRO Panoply

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