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As customers move from one digital experience to the next, while navigating experiences in the physical world, they’re joining communities where influence and reputation are better barometers of success than revenue models. What does this mean for brands in the persuasion economy?

A mix of anthropology, consumer behavior, pop culture, technology and marketing, this session spotlights how marketing executives can use trends such as “Nowcasting” and search intent to model their relevance in this new normal.

We are all physical and digital nomads, moving from experience to experience - with and without our devices and digital assistants. This increasingly complex journey yields search data that’s helping to understand customer intent and build brand-new business models with big implications for digital transformation.

For marketers, understanding this nomadic behavior is a must. Searches that didn’t exist until recently - like “How do I play Pokémon Go” - are constantly shifting the landscape. We are an always-learning society, and as we learn to sync information based on customers’ unique digital journeys more quickly than ever before, modern marketers can offer truly targeted solutions.

This session takes an up-close-and-personal look at how search is helping customers navigate their journeys, and how search-enabled models like “nowcasting” – being used to predict everything from sports to elections – are evolving to play a critical role in the marketing mix. View Less

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Christi Olson Search Evangelist, Bing Ads Microsoft
Geoffrey Colon Product Marketing Manager, Bing Ads Microsoft

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