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Influential businesses like Apple and Facebook started out as passion projects, propelling fascinating careers and ushering change to their industries. For more than 20 years, global creative agency Sid Lee has fueled its own artisans’ passion projects through Sid Lee Collective, a unique program that funds, produces and exhibits their creative endeavors, such as art exhibitions, robots, a VR horror experience and a theatrically released feature film.

Everyone benefits from pursuing collaborative creative projects they love, which is why Sid Lee Collective has been “Proudly wasting time and money since 1993”. Find out how this turned out to be one of Sid Lee’s wisest investments and more importantly, get useful tips on how to kick your own passion projects off the back-burner and get extracurricular shit done! View Less

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Dan Brooks ECD Sid Lee
Philippe Meunier Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder Sid Lee

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