Lance Still

Lance Still is an innovative marketing executive with a history of pushing the boundaries of integrated marketing and branded content. Still began at DC Comics where she handled licensed promotions including turning Eggo Waffles into a Bat Signal to promote the theatrical debut of Batman and Robin. As EVP of Promotional Marketing at New Line Cinema, Still created breakthrough campaigns for blockbuster trilogy Lord of The Rings, the breakout hit Wedding Crashers, and the theatrical release of Sex and the City, one of the most coveted lifestyle brands in entertainment.During her tenure at The Weinstein Company, Still broke new ground again creating The Lexus Short Film Series, an international campaign that discovered new directors from around the world to bring the Lexus brand essence to life. Ms. Still now heads A+E Networks’ Branded Content division, focused on changing the narrative between brands and traditional advertising campaigns and leveraging the power of the A+E Networks.

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