Mike Isabella

Mike has been digitally marketing his way through life for 14 years, but living digitally for far longer. How long is anyone's guess. But, if they guess over 37 years, they are very wrong. While digitally raised, he's a strong believer in human-to-human interaction. He takes pride in building balanced marketing programs that are data driven, and come to life within and beyond the digital world. He's a little nerdy, very beardy, Philly-born, and he's only as good as his team. And his teams are awesome (except his first t-ball team. they were very bad).

Mike currently serves as the Director of Consumer Engagement at Timberland, fulfilling a life-long mission that began when he laced up his first pair of 10061s, THE Yellow Boots, in 1996. Now, he spends his days connecting the brand to consumers and building new boot-love-affairs one at a time.

Prior to joining Timberland, Mike spent 10+ years at Urban Outfitters.
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