Eric Berkowitz

“To me, a great invention isn’t about the concept. It’s about the potential.” This has been the guiding philosophy behind Eric Berkowitz as an entrepreneur, musician, and inventor.
In 2006 he founded Humble, a content studio producing commercials, television and features. Since then, Eric has taken Humble bicoastal and pioneered a new post-through-production model by launching Postal, Humble’s sister company specializing in visual effects, CG, design and animation.
He continues to branch out into new fields, choosing to develop inventions which fuel his passion and securing patents to ensure their integrity. He was the co-founder of Drumscape, an arcade performance game that served as the predecessor to Guitar Hero, and is one of the founding partners for Singtrix, a revolutionary karaoke machine.
When Eric isn’t working behind the scenes at Humble, he can be found traveling the country, supervising his director's shoots and developing content partnerships.

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