Daryl Simm

Since 1998, Daryl has been CEO of Omnicom Media Group, the media services division of Omnicom Group, Inc.

Daryl joined Omnicom to establish its media business, which started with unbundling media from Omnicom’s creative agencies to create OMD Worldwide, recognized for over a decade as a global leader in terms of billing and award winning creativity.

The organic growth strategy continued by aligning Omnicom’s standalone media agencies under the PHD brand, now the fastest growing global media network and known as the leader in communications planning.

A year ago, the same strategy led to the creation of Hearts & Science, an agency built on the idea of data-informed marketing. It’s off to a promising start.

Underpinning all its media agencies is Annalect, a large data and analytics unit launched in 2010 with a philosophy of open standards. Annalect is a core part of the Media Group’s success and now extends its platform capabilities and utilities beyond media to other Omnicom companies.

Omnicom Media Group operates a number of other media businesses including Resolution, a global search and social provider; an OMG global programmatic platform; Optimum Sports; and Content Collective in the entertainment space.

Prior to joining Omnicom, Daryl spent 13 years at P&G where, after assignments in the US and Europe, he was appointed leader of Worldwide Media and Programming and executive in charge of P&G Productions, at the time a large producer of TV programming.

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