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Brand mascots like you’ve never seen them before! Join Mr. Peanut, StarKist’s Charlie the Tuna, and Smokey Bear on stage for an interview with our AW360 Icon Blogger, Heather Taylor that features advertising’s most iconic characters.

From Mr. Clean rebooting for a millennial audience at the Super Bowl to the debut of another incarnation of the Most Interesting Man in the World, brand mascots aren’t going anywhere in 2017. In fact, they’re only continuing to endear themselves to consumers and ad industry enthusiasts with fresh, fun behavior and modern updates — all while keeping true to their brand’s mission. AW360 has even devoted a portion of our blog to sharing news and updates about this unusual band of characters! Glimpse into their world at our first-ever mascot panel starring Mr. Peanut, Charlie the Tuna, and more. Hosted by AW360 Icon Blogger Heather Taylor, we’ll be diving into the timeless appeal of these mascots in this can’t-miss fireside chat. View Less


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