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We now have the power to go beyond knowing what a customer will do to actually predicting how they’ll behave in the future. While the best place to start is with business goals, where it leads is changing the way marketing is done. Everything from demographics to average order total, from the lifetime value of a customer to their propensity to buy, from prioritizing sales leads to customizing campaigns is being forecasted through predictive analytics. How can you use this powerful tool to cope with channel proliferation and changing purchase behavior? What insights can you capture that will drive marketing creative? How can the data help determine the most impactful messages? Our esteemed panelists know.

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Josh Golden Publisher Ad Age
Patrick Albano CRO AdTheorent
Ali Bohra Director, Strategy and Product Marketing Adobe
Nishat Mehta President, IRI Media Center of Excellence IRI Worldwide
Craig Snodgrass Chief Data Officer Cardlytics
Justin Shriber Vice President of Marketing LinkedIn

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