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With most publisher platforms reporting attention spans of under ten-seconds, advertisers are beginning to wonder if the days of the thirty-second spot are numbered.

North American marketers collectively developed and distributed over a million new video ads online in the past year as opposed to 200,000 new ads in the same time period just 3 years ago. While marketer interest in video ads is clearly high, one cannot assume the same for consumer interest in advertising.

Consumer control over what to watch or block & avoid has reached unprecedented levels. Viewers dictate what is good and worth their attention. And they are not afraid to express their preference on how they want to view advertiser-produced content. Given the extreme levels of advertising aversion and avoidance, is it possible for marketers to capture audience attention and achieve consistent business results?

In this panel, AcuityAds Chief Strategy Officer Seraj Bharwani will be joined by top brand marketers and agency leads for a spirited discussion on audience attention with best practices and case studies. View Less


Seraj Bharwani Chief Strategy Officer Acuity Ads
Kris Magel President, East Coast Initiative
Jamie Auslander Vice President, Research Fox Advanced Ad Products
Dominic Iacono Marketing Director GSK Consumer Healthcare
Jonathan Eccles Director, Product Management Pandora

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