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StrawberryFrog, the world's first and only Cultural Movement Firm, will talk about the power of movements and how they can inspire and evoke action like never before. StrawberryFrog will host a panel with 4 incredible Movement Makers, to hear more about what they're doing and how their movements are changing lives and the world for the better.

Featured Movement Maker guests will be: Holly Wasson taking on one of American's most stressful issues financial insecurity, with the onUp Movement, SunTrust Marshall Brown finding a break through environmental apathy with the Drink the Bay Clean Movement. Katie Hood taking a stand to end relationship abuse with the OneLove Foundation Movement. Jeff Minton taking us behind the lens oft he bohemian social media movement, VanLife. View Less

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Ashley Connors Head Of Strategy StrawberryFrog
Holly Wasson Senior Vice President Brand and Marketing Communications SunTrust
Katie Hood CEO OneLove Movement
Jeff Minton Photographer Van Life Movement
Marshall Brown President Save the Great South Bay
Tyler DeAngelo Executive Creative Officer StrawberryFrog

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