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In 2016 mobile ads accounted for more than fifty percent of the total digital ad spend for the first time - that spend will only continue to increase in the next five years. But, while advertisers are still figuring out how to effectively reach mobile audiences, there’s been increased hype around new advertising channels, from AR to chatbots, all vying for marketing dollars.

Though some advertisers already have their sights set on the next big thing, mobile advertising is here and still has room to grow and improve.

The panel will discuss current challenges in mobile, how to create quality advertising experiences in app, and why developing better mobile standards now is an important step for delivering effective advertising for the next generation of technology.
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Joe Quaglia Senior Director, Business Development - Mobile Integral Ad Science
Matthew Jamison Revenue Development & Partnerships King
Haylee Adkins Global Head of Client Strategy Drawbridge
Maggie Mesa VP, Mobile Business Development OpenX

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