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With advertisers questioning the value of ads served for split seconds and the ad “impression” falling out of favor as a measure of effectiveness, advertisers seek media platforms that can deliver audiences that pay attention to their messages.

The Weather Channel and TVision teamed up to show advertisers that viewers were not only in the room while ads on TWC are airing, but eyes are on the screen. TVision uses unique infrared technology to track eye movement and even facial expressions in over 2,000 TV homes. What other measurement services prove engagement with ads? What other TV media properties are using attentiveness as a metric? How are media companies proving the value of this to brands? How do digital media platforms engage fans in their ads and measure attentiveness?
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Jane Clarke CEO and Managing Director CIMM
Laura Galietta SVP Ad Sales Marketing and Branded Entertainment Scripps Networks
Dan Schiffman CRO and Co-Founder TVision Insights
Nora Zimmett SVP, Programming The Weather Channel
David Campanelli EVP, Director of Video Investment Horizon Media

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