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If you have ever thought “VR is cool, but how do you tell a compelling story?” or “Where would I even put the camera?” you are certainly not alone. While VR as a content delivery mechanism is still in its early days a few visionaries are leading the way and defining a new language of immersive storytelling. Are we experiencing a revolution of visual communication, or an evolution? Join us as leaders in the field debate and discuss the evolving world of VR content and its importance for branded experiences.

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Greg Bond SVP Commercial Partnerships Blend Media
Gabo Arora Founder and Creative Director LightShed
David Larkin VP, Creative Director of Experiential Design Edelman
Kyle Ranson-Walsh Director of Branded Experiences Discovery VR
Molly DeWolf Swenson Head of Brand & Co-Founder RYOT
Mia Tramz Managing Editor LIFE VR

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