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To brands and media companies alike, video continues to present a huge opportunity. How will anticipated browser updates by Apple and Google affect publishers and advertisers? What choices are savvy publishers making to create optimal video inventory that meets the requirements of today’s premium advertisers? How does a brand or media company account for the fact that most of their users are coming from mobile devices? Find out at this unique seminar with industry experts from both the supply and demand side.

Video is proven to deliver a more engaging, impactful experience than any other format, and is driving much of the growth in both the desktop and mobile ad markets. However, times are changing. The evolution from in-banner video to auto-start sound on to large click-to-play players continues, aided by forthcoming updates announced by major browsers Chrome and Safari that will limit un-muted autoplay video. (This is a big deal -- 65% of video plays in Chrome and 53% of plays in Safari are currently autostart, with half of those being sound-on.) The pendulum is swinging to the side of user experience — and this is good for premium publishers and advertisers too. Publishers that do it right, and prioritize viewer experience, will see their revenue increase. What’s the recipe for success? Get the inside scoop from the publisher who’s testing every update, and the demand-side expert who knows where the video dollars are going.

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Dave Otten CEO & Co-Founder JW Player
Justin Festa Chief Digital Officer LittleThings
Jourdain-Alexander Casale VP, Strategy Index Exchange
Jana Meron VP Programmatic & Data Strategy Business Insider

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