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Mixed Reality (encompassing both VR [Virtual Reality] and AR [Augmented Reality]) is set to become the next major platform for media exploitation with the potential to be as revolutionary as the television in the 1940s and the smartphone today. The AR market is expected to surpass the VR market by 2020, growing into a $90 billion industry.

The challenge in realizing this potential will be for content developers to harness the next generation of hardware capabilities. Q Umbono is well positioned to take the lead in this space with its formation of one of the most creative, financial savvy and technologically advanced partnerships assembled. The union of Jimmy, Dave and Bill is providing a truly innovative and unique approach to the development and application of mixed reality technology. View Less

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Jimmy Smith Chairman, CEO, CCO Amusement Park
Dr. David E. Martin Chairman, CEO M-Cam
Dr. William E. Wismann Data Scientist, Tech

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