Andrew Jenks

Andrew Jenks is an award-winning filmmaker, TV producer, and author who explores people’s stories which are oftentimes overlooked or misunderstood. He is known to live with his subjects for extensive periods of time, regardless of the conditions.

In his documentary Andrew Jenks, Room 335, Jenks moved into an assisted living facility in order to capture the essence of this often forgotten community. The documentary was an international hit, playing in theatres and TV around the world and released domestically by HBO in 2008.

Jenks also created MTV's 2010 series World of Jenks, focusing on stories not normally told: from a young homeless woman to a young adult with Autism.

Jenks has been behind many acclaimed films including ESPN’s The Zen of Bobby V., Netflix feature film It’s Not Over, CNN Films All-American Family, and ESPN’s Posterized. He recently premiered his award-winning documentary, dream/killer.

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