Heidi Andersen

A corporate athlete with more than a decade of Sales Leadership and General Management experience in the online media industry. Passionate about building and transforming businesses and developing talent. Strive to inspire others to dream more, learn more, and do more. Believe in treating employees like they make a difference and they will.

Founding member of Google's Display Sales and Operations team. Had a rewarding and fun experience building Google's multi-billion display business.
Presently building the Global Online Sales Organization under the Marketing Solutions division. Responsible for 100x revenue from when I launched the team 5 years ago. Accelerating growth exponentially through creating a data-driven and highly efficient organization while delivering strong value to our customers, keeping their success and experience front and center.

Responsible for driving strategy and execution for our self-serve customer segment, customer acquisitions, and field sales across SMB, MidMarket and some Enterprise customers - globally.

Specialties: Strategic planning, sales strategy, organizational development, talent development/performance management, change management, acquisitions people integration, operational scale and efficiency, cross-functional collaboration, and leadership development.

Language: Heidi is fluent in 4 languages: Danish, English, French & German

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