Angela Ceccarelli

Angela Ceccarelli has over 20 years’ experience marketing to both consumers and corporates. In her current role as HSBC’s Head of US Commercial Bank and Global Banking and Markets Marketing, she leads a dynamic team who is responsible for promoting HSBC’s leading international and domestic solutions.

Ceccarelli has been instrumental in identifying commercial bank clients with whom HSBC has established business relationships and converting those relationships into brand advocates. As part of these efforts, she has worked with HSBC clients to integrate them into HSBC webinars, webcasts, articles, and other content, focused on a range of topics, such as doing business in China, managing global supply chains, and cash management. Further in marketing, Ceccarelli has overseen the development of a comprehensive suite of sales enablement tools targeted at non-U.S. companies and focused on promoting the United States as a place to invest and conduct business.

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