Marshall Williams

Marshall Williams is the co-founder, CEO and owner/partner of Ad Results Media, with offices in Houston and San Diego. Founded in 1998 by Williams and agency partner Russell Lindley, Ad Results Media specializes in influencer audio/digital in which products or services are recommended by credible, influential audio personalities. While the company began as almost exclusively a terrestrial radio endorsement company and still holds a significant position in that medium, Ad Results Media is now the largest purchaser of podcast advertising in the US. Williams is involved in all aspects of his agency’s business, but primarily focuses on new business development, strategic planning and campaign execution.

Williams got his start in the performance marketing universe when he worked with a very early adopter of direct response radio, Allergy Free Air Filters. The team at Allergy Free developed a systematic approach to this style of audio advertising and became one of the larger buyers of endorsement radio in the US. Their methods were so successful that the owners of Allergy Free sold the business a short time later.

Williams left Allergy Free shortly after the sale and launched Williams Media Group. It was then that he began working with the Sleep Number Bed account as his first independent client. The Sleep Number Bed account is still with Ad Results Media.

A year later, Williams reconnected with Lindley, and the two men decided to create a new business that focused solely on live endorsement radio advertising. Ad Results Media was launched the Friday before Labor Day, 1998.

In late 2016 Ad Results merged with Brown Bear Digital, which was founded by Steve Shanks, Kurt Kaufer and Michael Kropko to become Ad Results Media. Today, Ad Results Media has almost 100 teammates and offices in Houston, Texas and San Diego, CA. The firm has grown significantly and is the preeminent influencer advertising firm in the US. Leveraging strong relationships within podcasting, AM-FM radio, network radio and satellite radio, Ad Results connects advertisers with the world’s most high-profile news, sports and entertainment creators.
He lives in Houston with his wife Elizabeth and their children but travels to the Ad Results Media office in San Diego as frequently as he can because the weather is so perfect there. Williams is also an avid, albeit marginal, golfer. He also produces his own Pinot Noir named after the family dog which is actually pretty darn good.

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