Michael Fanuele

Michael has been a Brand Strategist, a Global Planning Director, a Chief Strategy Officer, and a Chief Creative Officer. He has helped old-school cultures find their way in a digital age and modern brands grow with strategic rigor. He has run departments of forty people and started a scrappy little agency. He has been the creative leader of a company with 40,000 really smart people. He has worked in New York, London, Minneapolis, and has helped brands succeed in 45 other countries.

Michael has won more awards for effective strategy than any creative strategist in the industry, including a record-breaking five Account Planning Group (APG/Chiat) awards. He has also helped create communications that have garnered Effies, One Show Pencils, and Cannes Gold Lions.

In addition to being on the faculty at The Miami Ad School and a regular instructor at VCU’s BrandCenter, Michael is currently working on a book about the most powerful force in the world: inspiration.

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