Evan Slater

Evan has developed a penchant for doing things a bit differently, often times to his mother’s dismay. He spent his formative years in the start-up world, as a team-member for both an oil-industry e-commerce platform and a national intelligence company (yes, really). From there he moved into the defense industry, working as a corporate liaison for the US arm of the quasi-government, Israeli defense firm Rafael.

In search of something that didn’t require detonation triggers and panic buttons hidden underneath his desk, he made the leap to advertising and has since served in numerous roles across the industry. His passion for copywriting served as a through line, ultimately guiding him to a permanent home in the creative world.

Through the years, he’s been lucky enough to work on some of the world's iconic brands, such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Kiehl’s, Spotify, Purina, American Express, Dove, Scion, Ikea, LG and Gap, creating award-winning work that has, much more importantly, help guide his clients to success. In 2013, Evan joined Soho shop Night Agency as the company's third partner, spearheading the creative vision while also working across all facets of the agency. In a few short years he has helped guide the agency, increasing revenues, driving new business and generating award-winning work. 

Evan also enjoys doing pretty much anything in the world more than writing about himself in the third person.

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