Circe Wallace

Circe Wallace is Co-Founder of North County Farms Enterprises a California based company specializing in Cannabis Processing and Brand Building. NCFE operates a legal facility in LA specializing in top quality oils under the name Hot Nife. With almost three decades of experience in sports as a professional athlete developing signature women's products turned agent to the stars, she has been an innovator in snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding as one of the industries leading executives. Having negotiated over 200m in endorsements for many top athletes, produced TV and Film for major networks including MTV, BET and Nickelodean and action features for Redbull and others, she brings deep knowledge of marketing, licensing, content development and production. Cannabis was a natural extension in understanding how to launch a brand in an emerging space with a core consumer. Circe loves the unique opportunity to help develop another nascent industry. She believes Cannabis has great benefit in it's various forms as a natural remedy and great alternative to other medications. Hot Nife is a brand focused on premium single source origin processing and is a small business dedicated to having a good time, because everyone deserves a little respite from the intensity and seriousness of these times.

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