Rachel Law

Rachel co-founded Kip in 2014 and serves as CEO. In 2009, she founded an online website and community to help teen girls in USA and EU purchase youth street fashion from Japan, Korea and Singapore. She grouped individual orders, brokered transactions and organized drop shipping and logistics to minimize costs and provide savings buying wholesale.

At its peak, the website had 12M daily visitors, $6000 USD daily transactions and over $2M USD in gross volume annually. She ran this website with a few spreadsheets and a huge social community connected via chat. Impossible to scale up group orders by herself, Rachel automated the process of group shopping and pooling group orders and founded Kip together with Alyx. Kip is a software agent allowing users to shop across borders with a 1-click checkout. Using artificial intelligence, Kip pools group orders using chat apps to optimize supply chain and payments to create delightful social shopping experiences.

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