Ardie Farhadieh

Ardie plays dual roles - leading his management company in managing breakout artist Marian Hill, songwriter Tom Aspaul, Swedish pop sensation Sabina Ddumba, and up and coming sync darling Spelles, and overseeing marketing for The Billions Corporation. Ardie coordinated one of the biggest sync campaigns of the year with Apple, taking Marian Hill's song “Down” to #1 on the Shazam charts, charting at 4 formats at radio, and achieving RIAA platinum certification. Other partnerships include a deal with Calvin Klein (Marian Hill's song “Deep” is the theme for CK's “Deep” Euphoria perfume). At Billions, Ardie brokered partnerships, including one with Spotify, bringing in over $1mm in collective ticket sales for Billions’ roster. As Billions ventures into podcasts, Ardie is tasked with marketing in a more tech aligned environment. Partnerships with the podcast Throwing Shade and MailChimp, which Ardie negotiated, are among the new branding deals developing in that space.

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