Donna Spurrier

Donna Spurrier is an innovator and strategic media consultant. For over 30 years, her strategies and executions for government, commercial and non-profit clients have inspired new ways of thinking across the marketing and media industries. Starting in the early 1980s, Donna was the initial media strategist for the first ever Toyota-thons. Later, Donna and her Richmond/Washington DC-based agency were one of the first teams to successfully target “screenagers” using nontraditional media and messaging in a statewide anti-smoking campaign for the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation – which widely unpopular in a state known for its tobacco origins. Donna and her team then helped “Virginia is for Lovers” become one of the first tourism campaigns in the country to develop online lead generation. Today, Donna and her team support Fortune 500 brands and several government agencies integrate messaging and performance-driven media campaigns across multiple channels for maximum ROI. 

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