Alan Goodman

Alan Goodman is the consulting creative director of COZI TV, a brand developed to be “the easiest decision you make all day” on TV. He is also currently consulting three digital brands: one in animation, another in anime, and a third in kids’ programming.
Goodman has played a key role in building and launching many media brands over the past 37 years, first in cable television and now for new platforms. He is considered an expert in articulating the strategy and supervising the creative execution that turns them into huge obsessions for niche audiences.
His career began as part of the team that invented MTV, and with his partner at the time, Fred Seibert, he developed and popularized the world-famous MTV logo. He also produced the channel’s animated IDs and music.
Later the team re-launched Nickelodeon and helped turn it into a home base for kids. They served as the parent company’s advertising agency and during that time launched VH-1, named and launched Comedy Central, and created and launched Nick-At-Nite.
Goodman continued his association with Viacom for another 20 years after Fred/Alan, primarily with Nickelodeon and all of its digital spin-offs. He also worked on the launch of Spike and Epix. He consulted, created marketing campaigns, or developed identity programs for such companies as Virgin, The Movie Channel, Showtime, A&E, TBS, FOX, HBO, HLN, and others.
Goodman is also a writer/producer who co-created The Kids Choice Awards, created Nickelodeon’s first sitcom “Hey Dude,” wrote and produced “Clarissa Explains It All” (Emmy nominated) and “The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.” He has written two books published by Simon & Schuster, created a comic book for Virgin Comics, and is currently producing theater in New York City.
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