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The No. 1 growing consumer of the $500 billion global beauty industry is under 30 and their purchasing decisions are fueled by their trusted beauty icons, also known as influencers. Learn how beauty’s top players, from brands to influencers, are changing time tested advertising models.

Panel Featuring: James Charles (Creator/Entrepreneur); Maureen Case (Executive Chairman of Naturopathica) and Reza Izad (CEO of Studio71)

James Charles (Creator/Entrepreneur); Maureen Case (Executive Chairman of Naturopathica) and Reza Izad (CEO of Studio71) will discuss how beauty’s top players including brands and influencers are continuing to change the standard advertising models. These unmediated and real beauty gurus, like James Charles bring brands into the homes of their millions of followers every day and are only just a click away. Learn why brand awareness in the world of beauty is not one size fits all and how the most innovative companies are driving sales through these one of a kind partnerships. View Less

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  1. Understand the real difference between traditional vs. social talent -- the value that they bring
  2. How influencers are driving the purchase behaviors of consumers and can cultivate audiences for your brand
  3. Why moving advertising dollars to digital platforms results in revenue streams
  4. Best practices for mutually beneficial partnerships between brands and influencers

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Taylor Lorenz Staff Writer The Atlantic
Maureen Case Executive Chairman Naturopathica
James Charles Creator and Entrepreneur
Reza Izad CEO & Co-founder Studio 71

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