Intelligence within marketing sits inside siloed systems and platforms. Our vision is to reimagine the value of marketing, by connecting data to discover insights that drive business outcomes. We deliver brand growth and ROI through award-winning programmatic ad campaigns with performance, service and insights at their core. We drive successful business outcomes through custom analytical solutions. We unlock the value of data through best-in-class AI technology with limitless scalability. AiQ is the technology that underpins our business. AiQ is our proprietary technology that provides modular, API-based analytics services for developers to rapidly build data solutions for successful, real-time business outcomes. It is behind every trade, every insight, and every decision we make. Media: Fuel brand growth and higher sales through award-winning, hands-on programmatic ad campaign management Analytics: Drive successful business outcomes through custom analytics solutions Technology: Our mission is to place technology into the hands of our clients through development of a platform which provides self serve access to AiQ.


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