Ogury, the world's leading mobile data company, empowers organisations with the most thorough, accurate and timely knowledge of the mobile users, their entire journey and the mobile ecosystem. Ogury is indispensable to compete and win in mobile. Integrated with thousands of apps, Ogury collects, after explicit user consent, at large scale, raw signals from mobile devices. Ogury's state of the art machine learning engine interprets these signals and generates unique, high-quality mobile user and journey data. This data fuels Ogury's suites of solutions 'Ogury for Brands' and 'Ogury for Apps' to drive unmatched business results. Today, Ogury has access to 400m+ mobile user profiles in 120 countries, we delight more than 700 clients globally, and we're just getting started. Founded in 2014, Ogury has offices in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Detroit and Madrid. The company works with all major media agencies, along with the world's leading premium brands and publishers. For more information visit www.ogury.com


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