Lee Clow

Whether it’s the famous “1984” commercial introducing Apple’s Macintosh, or the Energizer bunny still going and going; refreshing the World with Pepsi, or the celebration of sport in adidas' “Impossible is Nothing” campaign; the love you can feel for dogs in Pedigree’s “Dogs Rule” campaign, to asking “What’s G” for Gatorade; Lee has crafted some of the most unforgettable campaigns that have impacted the industry.

There’s perhaps no better example of his impact than his 30-plus-year partnership with Steve Jobs. They created the “Think Different” campaign for the rebirth of Apple in 1997. Lee also helped orchestrate Apple’s move into music with iPod and iTunes - and later with category redefining products - iPhone and iPad.

Lee is a member of the One Club Hall of Fame, and was honored by the Clios with a Lifetime Achievement Award and Cannes Lions with the Lion of St. Mark. Recently, he was inducted into the AAF’s Hall of Fame and the AMA’s Hall of Fame.

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