Danielle Silber

Danielle Silber is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) where she leads on developing a portfolio of corporate partnerships to support the organization’s fundraising, marketing, communication and advocacy objectives. In the wake of the Muslim Ban, companies began to realize the importance of internalizing the cost of civil liberties in the interests of their employee and customer stakeholders, and since Danielle has built relationships with brands that share the ACLU’s values including Lyft, Univision, Everlane, OkCupid! and Postmates.

Previously she headed up the Corporate Alliances for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) where she had the privilege of designing cause marketing campaigns with HBO, TripAdvisor, Whole Foods, Kate Spade, Warner Bros, Focus Features and Chipotle. Some of her favorites included the cast of Game of Thrones, and believe it or not, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League (They DO exist). She feels lucky to have had the privilege to introduce global projects like family planning services for women in emergency and remote settings, and to cultivate national initiatives like IRC’s refugee farming, nutrition and culinary entrepreneurship program: New Roots.
Before joining the IRC, Danielle taught International Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, where it became clear that students and community members alike were not apathetic to crises affecting the rest of the world, but rather eager for engagement. In her spare time, Danielle has served on the board of COLAGE, a national advocacy and education organization by and for people with one or more Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender parents. In this capacity, she has been featured in media outlets including 20/20, CNN.com, Washington Post, MTV.com, The Advocate, and St. Louis Post Dispatch. She holds a BS in African History and International Studies from Washington University in St. Louis.

She continues to be inspired by the innovative ways that private and public sector actors, and members of diverse social interest groups can come together to make meaningful change and a world that we all want to be part of.

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