In this session...

How do consultants and creatives align their work? What should marketers and advertisers know about consulting? Even when they’re not always competing directly in pitches, agencies and consultancies are bumping into each other as they exploit deep C-suite connections around the world. Join leaders from Wunderman Thompson as they take the stage to discuss the integration of consulting and advertising across the agency landscape. Learn how they make it work.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How consulting services can help you grow
  2. Why Business Cases are the new North Star
  3. Incremental growth vs. exponential growth
  4. What is the Digital Threat / Opportunity for your business
  5. Which Digital Business Model is best for your future?


Cenk Ursavas VP, Strategy Consulting Wunderman Thompson
William Martino Managing Director, Wunderman Thompson Health, New York Wunderman Thompson
Katie Baldwin Business Director, Wunderman Thompson Health, New York Wunderman Thompson
Mark Truss Global Director of Brand Intelligence Wunderman Thompson

Event Details

Event Type Seminar

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