In this session...

Hear from industry leaders who double as moms for an honest conversation around moms in the workplace. Hear their take on the great values of having moms in leadership roles, the physical, mental and emotional challenges for moms in the workplace, and how the the future of work can be more inclusive for moms.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Insights from a neuroscience study revealing societal bias against hiring mothers in the work force
  2. A look at the effects of societal biases leading to internal self-doubt
  3. How advertisers can help combat these biases and negative stereotypes towards mothers in the workforce and make real impact


Caroline Gogolak VP of Retail SoulCycle
Reem Abeidoh Head of Global GTM LinkedIn
Katie Klumper Principal Heat + Deloitte Digital
Monique Nelson Chair & CEO UWG
Spencer Gerrol CEO & Founder Spark Neuro

Event Details

Event Type Seminar

Track  Future is Female 

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