Harnessing the Power of Community

Live streaming services such as Twitch, Mixer, and live features on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow marketers engaging ways to connect with consumers and grow their audience. How can brands leverage communities within these live environments to provide value and sustain engagement at scale? How can communities come together to experience a moment in real time...together, all at once? Join Adam Harris with key players in the industry who can speak to experiences and best...

How To Make Viral Content For Generation Z

‘Going Viral’. A special kind of social media magic that makes your marketing break all the rules and go further than you could have ever predicted. But all most all content never manages to spark a conversation beyond its own extended networks. Gen Z are coming of age. They’re a completely different breed to millennials and brands need to act fast if they are going to capture their imagination. Hannah has found the formula to making viral content for Generation Z, and she’s going to share...

The Future of Influencer

Jo Burford, Whalar's Head of Creator Solutions, is joined on stage by three coveted influencers to discuss the new wave of creativity in influencer marketing and what the inclusion of ALL creative voices means for advertising now and in the future.

Influencer Marketing: It’s not about WHO anymore

2018 was all about brands learning about which influencers to work with, but in 2019 the focus will be on how to activate the influencers. As brands begin partnering with a mix of influencers and putting more marketing budget into the activity, the importance of a good brief that extracts the most creative interpretation will become increasingly important. Adam ‘Sven’ Williams, CRO of Takumi will be providing guidance to activate influencers in interesting ways, to cut through the noise and...

Influence Across Platforms

Discover the future of influencer marketing with a panel of experts discussing the latest platforms, content and technology.

What the F is an "Influencer"?

The term influencer has become muddled and overused. In some quarters it is becoming a dirty word. It is time to redefine the space and return its meaning back to the origins of influence. In this session you will hear how the industry has evolved to put real storytellers, showcasing a talent, passion and authority at the centre of niche communities online.

Advertising in the Intelligent Era

Over the last 24 months, Essence and Google have been working together to pioneer the application of machine learning and cloud computing in ways that are already demonstrating AI’s transformative potential for advertisers and consumers. Andrew Shebbeare, Chairman and Co-Founder at Essence and Emily Henderson, Head of Media at Google will share real world case studies that illustrate how to practically, ethically, and successfully integrate AI into marketing initiatives - from brief to...

The Next Tech Titans

Meet the brightest emerging British entrepreneurs who are making a fortune by changing the world. Discover all about Lyst, the global fashion search engine, how to gain insight at the point of purchase and how people actually buy and use your products across the world.

Tough Truths for MarTech Vendors

Nearly a third of CMO budgets are allocated to marketing technology (Gartner). But what do top marketers really want from the tech they are pitched and how should they be approached? Propeller Group presents a panel of marketers at household name brands to explain how they make decisions on marketing and ad tech investments and to give advice on selling the benefits of tech. Featuring: Santander CMO Keith Moore Samsung online director Nick White GoDaddy former CMO Kate Cox

The Future of Intelligent Search

Image and voice search are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. From traditional to voice to visual search technologies, it is clear that search behaviour are expanding and evolving. This panel will discuss the current capabilities of search and the best methods to understand and measure your customer search behaviour.

Keeping up with the Tech: Helping Brands Navigate Digital

Brand marketers, agency executives and industry consultants take the stage to discuss the changing dynamic of their relationships with brands and marketers, and how the new ideas and innovative thinking they are bringing to the table are helping their clients successfully navigate an increasingly complex digital environment.

Beyond User Privacy

Discover How Consented Data Can Fuel Your Marketing Strategy and Drive Tangible Benefits to Your Business.
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Audio Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

10 Lessons, 4.75 hrs
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Conquering Cannabusiness

5 Lessons, 3 hrs
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Sports Marketing

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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Cyber Monday: A Marketer's Guide to Retail Trends

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Social

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Insight

5 Lessons, 2 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Programmatic

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Connected TV

5 Lessons, 2.75 hrs

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