Under the Influence of Trust

Leaders in organizations of all shapes and sizes are asking the same question: How do we build more trust? Yet it’s not quite the right question to be asking. Trust is given to us; it’s something we earn slowly, over time. It sounds simple but it's increasingly challenging when it feels like we are living in an age of trust on speed. Through engaging stories, Rachel explains the four traits that create trustworthy environments and how to empower leaders and employees to harness the true...

Unwrapping Christmas: How To Win Hearts, Minds & Wallets At The Most Competitive Time of The Year

Christmas dominates the agenda for many advertisers and creating an impact at this time of year is often critical for both the brand and business. Manning Gottlieb OMD will give look back at what has driven success and helped businesses like John Lewis, Waitrose, Starbucks and Age UK succeed at this pivotal time of year. Sharing their view on the principles that made a difference and form the foundations of their thinking each year.

Revolution in retail: Snapchat helps brands navigate retail’s hottest trends

Marketers from Lego, Depop and more join Snapchat’s Hannah St Paul to explore some of the latest trends igniting the retail sector. Hype, immediacy and AR are all on the agenda as we take a look at some of the most exciting innovations in this fast-moving category.

AI and Innovation In Retail & Customer Experience

A panel discussion about what works and what doesn't work when deploying innovation and AI solutions in the retail and customer experience industries. From CRM to bots and consumer platforms to brick and mortar where are the opportunities and where should we be cautious when updating approaches. Featuring a panel of leading senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and innovation leaders in the AI, advertising, media and customer care industries.

New Solutions for E-commerce - Get Customers to Buy What They Want with AI

Gain insights from the forefront of E-commerce with a presentation on the possibilities of AI with visual recommendations and search.

The Future of Personalization

Intelligent Data: A world-first for London’s West End. Hear how PwC is unlocking the power of spend, travel and telecoms data to drive personalised marketing strategies (that are GDPR compliant!) and deliver £100m of revenue growth for the 600 members of London's New West End Company (centred around Bond St, Oxford St and Regent St).

The Digital Ecosystem of Retail

How do you win in the new game of retail? It’s about relevance, personalisation, expanding your CRM and loyalty. You must communicate to your consumers based on their interests - focusing on key vertical areas, but everything is changing day to day. What isn’t changing is the concept of having to enhance the user experience in order to drive tangible business results. The onus is on marketers and retailers to be innovators and maintain loyalty in order to stand out. This panel speaks to the...

Hello Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

An introduction to the global state of cannabis including the emergence of consumer branded products, mainstream marketing and the dominant opportunity in Europe.

Growing up with Programmatic in 2019

Programmatic is fast becoming a crucial enabler for the buying and selling of advertising. Formats like Audio, Connected TV and OOH are driving programmatic innovation and it's a central and vital part of any digital advertising toolkit.

Modernizing Programmatic Video

The video advertising industry is in its early stages of maturity. The infrastructure and strategy around programmatic advertising needs to modernize and adapt to support video's unique needs. We look at both the opportunity and hurdles.

The Reality of Connecting Ad Tech & Mar Tech

"While 58% of B2C marketers want to reduce the number of vendors they use, less than one-fifth believe they can get everything they need from a single vendor." - Forrester. Ad Tech and Mar Tech are converging to put quality customer experiences at the centre. This shift in the industry's mindset, focusing on quality over scale, seeks to satisfy modern consumer's demand for engaging and relevant experiences. Find out how the right technologies will help companies deliver just that.

Unlocking the Promise of In-App Advertising

While consumers spend more time in-app, are advertisers following them? Does in-app advertising herald the future for reaching and engaging with audiences or are concerns around quality, fraud and how to approach this new environment deterring investment? This session, chaired by PubMatic, brings together sellers and buyers to discuss the challenges and opportunities around in-app and what needs to be done to ensure it can deliver on its potential.
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Audio Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

10 Lessons, 4.75 hrs
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Conquering Cannabusiness

5 Lessons, 3 hrs
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Sports Marketing

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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Cyber Monday: A Marketer's Guide to Retail Trends

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Social

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Insight

5 Lessons, 2 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Programmatic

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Connected TV

5 Lessons, 2.75 hrs

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