The Evolution of the CMO Role

The coveted title of CMO has taken on new meanings for different organisations. While some remain focused on effective customer segmentation and demonstrating growth, others shift towards organisation innovation or being the voice of the customer within their organization. How will the role evolve in the next year and what skills will be prioritised?

Automation 2020

Despite the complexity of the digital supply chain, automation continues to influence process of buying and selling. As this process evolves, quality data, brand safety and delivering on the user experience are essential to keep top of mind. What does this look like in a year’s time? And how can businesses small and large benefit and optimize growth through automation? Featuring GroupM, Vevo, Xaxis EMEA and Verizon Media.

Making Every Video Play Count

Video is being weaved into all forms of media from social to online web to mobile, offering more diverse environments than ever before. Here, this panel will talk about some of the most effective placements for your video content to help you look beyond just likes and shares. We will explore how to effectively convert your audience to drive revenue through a variety of strategic video practices.

Advertising & AI: the Imitation Game

Take part in a world first* with the advertising industry’s own Turing Test. Man and Machine will be pitted against each other and you the audience can play spot the difference. Games aside, this session will also outline cutting edge case studies from clients that have all embraced AI to work alongside agencies and deliver award winning creative ideas. *probably!

A New Customer Experience with AI

In 2019 the customer is at the center of everything, and delivering on experience is no longer optional. Marketers are learning to effectively leverage AI to better understand their customer needs and behaviours in real time - and transforming how, when and where they engage with consumers.

Creating Voice Experiences That Matter

Voice-first platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant present marketers with a powerful new opportunity to engage customers at scale. Yet, in these early days, many brands seem stuck on novelty experiences that users may try once but rarely return. In this conversation, leading marketers will discuss how they are grappling with this challenge, designing to provide value and encourage the sort of sustained engagement that can unlock the potential of these new - and constantly...

The Future of People and AI in Advertising

The promise of programmatic marketing hasn’t changed – better targeting, improved efficiencies, and more relevant and personalised experiences. However, efficiencies haven’t been fully realised. The industry is still a mess, technologies are constantly changing with too many or too few options, and there continues to be an overall fragmented experience for the consumer. Automation will continue to streamline efficiencies, but what does this mean for the future of people in advertising?

The Mindset of the Modern Marketer

How we need to think wider, further and higher than ever before. Prompted by advances in tech and the rise of digital, the marketing industry is in flux, buffeted by the winds of constant and accelerating change. To keep pace, marketers must change too. Facebook’s Philippa Snare draws upon her career in marketing to share ideas on how marketers can free themselves of old bounds and shape a modern marketing mindset - wider, further, higher - to survive and thrive through change.

AI Isn't Coming, it's Well and Truly Here

AI is alive and kicking. The impact of AI is already visible across Europe, with technology innovations influencing leading brand campaigns, and positively affecting the returns of digital advertising initiatives. We'll show you the proof. But let’s not forget the human power working away in the background. Our expert panel will then go on to discuss how tech capabilities and human expertise make the perfect team, showcasing some of Europe's latest AI campaigns.

How Should Brands Lead in the Age of a Socially Aware Generation?

There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly socially conscious media world. The rise of a self-proclaimed ‘woke’ generation clashes with the view that political correctness has ‘gone mad’. One thing’s certain: brands, publishers and content creators are under pressure to ‘get it right’ in their representation of humankind. However, we’ve seen cases where representation of women have been slammed for advocating ‘poor health’ or for setting a bad example to consumers. What’s the...

Richard E Grant - A Career in Popular Culture

Terri White, Editor-in-Chief of EMPIRE, the global film and entertainment brand, gets up close and personal with one of the film industry’s greatest icons: actor Richard E Grant. This lesson, presented by Empire, covers everything from career ambitions to storytelling.

Human Side of Leadership with The Marketing Society

Join us to hear never-heard-before secrets from three leading industry experts as they reveal how, like all of us, they messed up, felt vulnerable and failed.
Learning Path:

Audio Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

10 Lessons, 4.75 hrs
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Conquering Cannabusiness

5 Lessons, 3 hrs
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Sports Marketing

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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Cyber Monday: A Marketer's Guide to Retail Trends

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Social

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Insight

5 Lessons, 2 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Programmatic

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
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The Fundamentals of Connected TV

5 Lessons, 2.75 hrs

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