Dear Industry, Let’s Talk About Mental Illness

Given that nearly one in five U.S. adults lives with a mental illness, and there’s mounting evidence that the ratios maybe even higher for the creatively minded, the ad industry needs to make mental health a priority. Mike Caguin will outline for the four in five people who aren’t suffering from a mental illness how to be empathetic and better coworkers and supervisors to those who are.

Corporations & Compassion: A Discussion on Masculinity

The concept of masculinity is a changing dynamic in today's culture, where brands and companies are responding by focusing on a spectrum of what it means to be a man as well as men's mental health and wellbeing, both in terms of marketing and their social impact.

Great Minds Think Unalike 2.0

Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, president of the Child Mind Institute, sits down for a fireside chat with Academy Award nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg to explore the connection between creativity and anxiety. The two will discuss how being authentic about mental health can be a game-changer, both personally and professionally. The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.

Inclusion: Ageism, Mental Health, Equity for All

One critical factor in any agency’s financial success is its commitment to workplace inclusivity. The 4A's workplace enlightenment program is designed to provide members and agencies the tools and training to build more inclusive, equitable, engaged workplaces. In this three-part session, speakers will address the influence of workplace inclusivity and fairness on employees’ career success; how having candid discussions about mental health can improve employee and business performance & in a...

Mental Health: The Industry's Big Issue

The Mentally Healthy report recently revealed that people within the media, marketing and creative industry showed greater signs of mental illness compared to the national average. It’s time to break down the stigma around mental health and have an open discussion about how we can improve the industry’s wellbeing. In this lesson, business leaders and mental health advocates discuss their own mental health challenges and explore ways we can make our industry more mentally healthy.

The Changing Man Lifting the Lid on Changing Male Perspectives

What does manliness, masculinity and machismo mean in 2019? How has marketing to men and the portrayal of men in today’s society changed and is there still more to do to shift the dialogue beyond dusty stereotypes? Join CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) in conversation with a panel of experts from UKTV, New Macho, The Book of Man and Harry's to discuss changing male perspectives.

The Happiness of Being You

Danny Bent takes you on a journey into the life less ordinary. A life that led him to be named one of the Top 100 Happiest people in the UK. A life powered by one statement, 'To be the best version of yourself'. Listen to Danny's stories of being on the Hell Week on the BBC, breaking world records, fundraising more than $1/2M for charity, of being held at gunpoint and so much more. This is a wellbeing lesson without the fluff and gloss. It's gritty and stirs something in you you can't ignore....

R U OK? Managing Mental Health in the Ad Industry

Did you know that one in six people of working age suffer with a mental health issue? It’s time to get it all out in the open. Let us educate, inspire, inform and entertain you with a candid conversation around mental health, how to deal with it in the long term, how to handle it in the workplace, and how, no matter what, you can still take on the world.

It's OK to Talk: Tackling Male Mental Health Through Advertising

In the UK, 12 men take their own lives each day, and suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45. Statistics link rising men’s mental health issues to an oppressive gender stereotype reinforced through social media. Many young men think that expressing emotions is considered "girls' talk"; they feel that they have to "be a man", and that they can’t express what’s really going on. What if we could use advertising to help men break free from the oppressive stereotypes compounded by social...

Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace - A Playbook for 2019

In response to the fantastic reception that our Mental Health Allies scheme has received throughout the industry, we are sharing our mental health journey, showing why it's important, the work we have implemented and what we've learnt along the way.

Great Minds Think Unalike

The Academy Award-winning actress Emma Stone and leading child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz explore the connection between creativity and anxiety and discuss the importance of being open about mental health issues.
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