CRM Is The New Brand Marketing

Brand building used to be something that you did through storytelling and mass marketing. Social was how you kept your brand culturally relevant, email was something you focused on with loyal customers, and data science was primarily a tool for campaign optimization. Despite the world going digital, for many brand marketers art still came before science. But overnight, everything has changed. Small media is now high impact media.

The Future of Work - Make Sure You're Part of It

The future of work is being shaped by two core forces: automation of tasks and new types of flexible working. How we do our jobs has changed and both workplaces and employees need to adapt. What will be the future of work for marketers and agencies? We take an in-depth look at how the new work landscape will unfold. A panel of experts discusses what new jobs are likely to arise in the advertising and marketing industry. How will marketing teams be structured in future? How will flexible...

Integrated Marketing: How Better Alignment Frees Up Time For Creativity & Strategy

Marketing is going through a dramatic shift - more complexity, more channels, more content, more budget and more accountability. The shifts have complicated the user journey and raised the bar for marketers to deliver exceptional and cohesive content experiences across all channels. Similarly, an explosion of martech tools has resulted in a myriad of software solutions for marketers. What hasn’t changed is the need for marketing organizations to work as a team towards this higher standard for...

Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: A CMO Debate

Change is the only constant, it’s as old as time. But why does it make people feel so uncomfortable? Brands and businesses are in a constant state of transformation to adapt to changing consumer needs and an ever-evolving media landscape. It’s time we got comfortable with it. Debating the impact of change are Andrew Waddel General Manager - Australia at Tourism New Zealand, Mark Lollback CEO at GroupM, Kristi Woolrych CMO at KFC SOPAC, Mark Reinke, Managing Director Consumer at News Corp...

Changing the World: Innovation, Technology and Social Impact

We’re in an industry that doesn’t exactly have the best reputation right now. But we still believe marketing can be a force for good. As strategic discussions increasingly focus on how business can evolve and capitalise on innovation, it is important to recognise the enhanced role companies should play in the responsible use of disruptive technologies. Their challenge will be finding ways to design and architect models for driving transformative change both for philanthropic good and...

Transformation Allstars

Growing ever more important than the climb to the top of an organization is remaining strong and agile at the peak. Learn from c-suite leaders about their key decisions around business transformation - and how they knew (or didn't quite know) what they were doing along the way.

Marketing Transformation, or how to build successful FMCG brands

It’s a tough world out there for FMCG brands. Sarah Dossett, Marketing Director at Danone UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Amanda Farmer, Managing Director at VMLY&R will discuss the important societal and technology shifts behind the rise and fall of FMCG brands.

The Forgotten Transformation

Digital Transformation. Marketing Transformation. Experience Transformation. Whatever Transformation. The latest overused, abused and misunderstood word is ‘Transformation’. Though it is a critical time for brands and businesses to transform in this age of disruption, technology, data, performance and quarter-term brand building, one word is often forgotten – Humanity! Why do we do what we do? What inspires us? Who do we do it for? Buzzwords come and go. Humanity, has always, and must always,...
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