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It would be no exaggeration to say that the keyword for marketing in the 2010s was "digital media & targeting." It was an era in which data found customers. However, the increase in privacy protection laws makes it difficult to construct data based strategies, so a new era of D2C is around the corner. Concept-based marketing is making a return. To convey the concept is what branding is, and the creatives make the branding come to life. From this point forward, “Digital Media & Branding (Creative)” may become a keyword for the 2020’s. This period of “stay home” and “new normal” lifestyles have increased digital interactions - this discussion will touch on what branding and digital creatives need to do next.
Ikkei Arai Managing Director
Yuta Sato Executive Officer
amana Inc.
Akira Takei Chief Solution Evangelist
DAS Inc.

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