The Rise of Soloism and Birth of the Aloneness Economy

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Today’s society is more connected than ever before, yet, despite the growth of our online presence, 1-in-3 people describe themselves as being “socially isolated.” But being socially isolated or alone is no longer a negative thing. In the past five years, we’ve seen a 40% increase in solo travel, a rise in remote working to nearly 50% and record numbers of single-person households globally. The data proves that the popularity of solo living is on the rise, yet marketers have yet to take hold of the opportunity to connect with this audience and leverage the Aloneness Economy. What was once a cultural taboo deemed lonely or sad is now an opportunity for brands to rewrite the narrative of aloneness and create a new norm that caters to the needs of this growing population. So what role can brands and marketers play in establishing this new norm and understanding the Aloneness Economy at hand? Join TBWA’s cultural insight studio Backslash for a discussion around the rise of “Soloism” and the impact it will have on the future of marketing. This session will look into the insights causing this cultural shift and unveil three strategies that can do good for both business and society.
Sarah Rabia Global Director of Cultural Strategy

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