The New Era of the Agency: AW Replay

The New Era of the Agency: AW Replay


During Advertising Week 2016, the future of the agency was at the crux of almost all agency-related seminars and sessions. It’s been said before; modern day agencies are evolving at a rapid pace thanks to the data-takeover that’s swept the industry. Today, the traditional agency faces a major disruption as programmatic and data hold agency performances to a new, measured standard; one that challenges brands to develop deep and meaningful connections with audiences. As technology fundamentally changes the way people connect with brands, the agency architecture must also adapt. Creative departments must keep up with an increasing reliance on data and measurement, and must uncover the ways in which digital tools, like technology and metrics, can best work to create a successful campaign.

A series of seminars and workshops throughout The Week sought to dive into the idea of the ‘agency of the future.’ Will it reflect consolidation or independence? Conglomerate or boutique? More importantly, how does the modern agency ensure it mirrors the industry as a whole, an industry which prioritizes diversity, gender equality and a multicultural workforce and audience?

Listed below are popular Agency focused seminars from Advertising Week 2016. Click below to watch the replay.

1. Getting In Touch With Work That Matters

Embrace the opportunity to build something significant, something that matters. Seth Godin, author, entrepreneur and marker discusses business, management, marketing, storytelling, changing everything and, most importantly, doing the work that matters.

2. Creative Carousel

Creative experts share their thoughts on life, the creative universe, and all that comes with being a creative mind. They discuss their secrets to finding creative success, what they believe goes into making a good idea a great one, and share some of their favorite personal inspirations, work ideas, campaigns they most admire, and what they hope is in store for the future of this business.

3. Redefining Brave Brands

The International ANDY Awards Redefining Bravery Series is a set of intimate stories. Rather than a traditional round-table discussion, participants share a moment of bravery from their lives or careers. There are no rules, the goal is authenticity.

4. Creative Courage: Finding the Authentic Voice of Brands

Authenticity is a core tenet of most brand plans, but what begins promisingly in a conference room seldom makes it out into the real world. This discussion celebrates brands, celebrities, and marketers who let their freak flag fly, and reaped the rewards with higher recall, greater brand loyalty, and more distinctive and persuasive voices in the world of the consumer.

5. It’s Not About You: A Discussion About Authenticity in Influencer Marketing

72andSunny leads a discussion with Instagram and Adidas about why approaching “influencers” as creators can create more authentic, impactful marketing by freeing each person’s storytelling potential in creating new content and amplifying their own channels. Panelists uncover what it means for the industry when people are publishers, and publishers are brands.

6. G’Day NY: How the Aussies Have Taken Manhattan

A disproportionate number of Australians occupy senior roles in the US advertising world. But why do they do so well when they make the move from Down Under to New York? Australia's leading media and marketing news site, Mumbrella, leads a discussion with some of adland's most successful Aussies who've made it to the top of US advertising, digital and media agencies.

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