The Marriage of Music and Brands: AW Replay

The Marriage of Music and Brands: AW Replay


Music, like brands, can often act as the touchstone for emotion; one that connects with consumers to such a degree that it has the ability to leave long-lasting impressions. Both brands and music require skillful storytelling, a marriage of business and creativity, and both also face substantial changes in the wake of new technologies that have forced their way into the industry. While music technologies and streaming services have leveled the playing field for artists to better access and reach their audiences, they’ve also opened the floodgates and crowded the talent space, making it more difficult than ever for artists to break through as stand out performers. Similarly, the battle for brands to break through the clutter to reach and connect with audiences in meaningful and authentic ways continues be a challenge with the constant introduction of new innovations, apps, technologies and platforms flooding into the market.

So while boundaries continue to be pushed for both, marketers and musicians alike are left to wonder what partnership opportunities may lie ahead for each to work with and support the other. We’ve long witnessed musicians lend their star power to products and brands, but what other opportunities are there for the musical and branding worlds to collaborate? What’s more, how are music and brands utilizing technologies, like automation and data, to break through and change the experience of their audiences?  

During Advertising Week 2016, a series of thought leadership seminars and panels focused in on the relationship between music and marketing, led by some of the industry’s leading experts, musicians and professionals. Click below to watch the replay of a few of the Week’s most popular music and branding sessions:

1. Music Videos and Brands: Creative Executions That Leverage Artist Reach

Recent Vevo research revealed that many artists’ online catalogues have audiences that rival the reach of top network TV shows. This is valuable for marketers seeking engagement on platforms via music-centric programming. In fact, music is at the forefront of many brand strategies, providing engaging experiences with compelling online content. In this session, Vevo will share insights around this new audience research, then showcase creative brand campaigns, strategies and key takeaways.

2. Is Automation the New Curation?

Data is behind everything Spotify does, from driven content like Discover Weekly to reinvented interfaces like Party and Running. But are artists utilizing this to their advantage? This session will provide a deeper understanding into how data is influencing how talent managers and artists create tracks, albums, playlists, and even performances.

3. Bands + Brands: Creating a 360 Fan Experience

Offering credit and debit card-members access to thousands of events annually, Citi’s Private Pass program is consistently striving to bring fans closer to the artists they love. And, as technology evolves, it’s allowing the brand to push the boundaries of the very meaning of access beyond attendance. From virtual reality experiences to cashless payments at festivals, Citi and long-time partner Live Nation are redefining the next-gen fan experience. Panelists touch on the evolution of bands and brands, how technology is playing an ever-growing role, and what’s on the horizon.

4. VR is Kids Play

Presented by Universal Music Group and the Tribeca Film Festival in partnership with Nokia a buffet lunch and exclusive screenings on VR headsets of multi-platinum selling band OneRepublic’s VR music video for their new single "Kids".

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