CPD at AWE: Enhance Your Professional Growth

CPD at AWE: Enhance Your Professional Growth


To make the most out of AWEurope's over 175+ programming events, seminars and workshops dedicated to the industry’s biggest, most timely topics, delegates can enroll in the IPA’s CPD programme and begin fulfilling CPD requirements to help enhance career growth.

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD), part of IPA membership, is a unique program which acts as a powerful tool in growing agency business, such as aiding client retention, staff retention, savings on recruitment costs and better pitch conversions. CPD plays a vital role in helping IPA members and the industry as a whole become more professional and, therefore, more successful.

As Advertising Week Europe is now part of the CPD programme, each programming event counts for one hour of CPD credit. Those who participate in IPA’s CPD programme must complete a minimum of 24 hours of learning each year, and so AWE’s 175+ seminars and workshops provide a fantastic, well-rounded opportunity to build a roster of learning hours amidst some of the brightest leaders, and teachers, in the industry.

Validating CPD hours through AWEurope is simple – register at the dedicated IPA area at AWEurope, scan your badge before each programming event, and then wait for a confirmation email with proof of attendance after the event to later update your personal diary with IPA.

To learn more about IPA’s Continuous Professional Development programme and how to register, read more here.

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