Regional Politics: The Devolution of Power During The Daily Debates

Regional Politics: The Devolution of Power During The Daily Debates


As major issues in both the European and US political and economic arenas make their way into the advertising, marketing, tech and media communities, the industry is forced to address them head on.

During AWEurope, The Week Live presents The Daily Debates – a series of fiery confrontations between industry experts that will directly address global issues such as Brexit, the US presidential election, the rise of fake news as a threat to responsible reporting and more.

Tuesday’s Daily Debate, “Westminster Is The New Brussels,” tackles the phenomenon of regional politics. If there’s one thing to be learned from the convulsions of 2016, it’s that politics grow out of the region you live in. Greater London didn’t vote for Brexit, the North East did. New York didn’t vote for Donald Trump; Ohio did. The Daily Debate will feature highly esteemed panelists, including Professor Tony Travers, Director of LSE, Holden Frith, Editor of the Week, and an unnamed, well-known special guest sure to polish off the panel with both controversy and zeal.

In the debate, the panelists will explore how such a regional devolution of power could come about, such as with Britain, where power and policy making are still concentrated to an extraordinary degree in Westminster. At what level is the “region” defined? How does regional politics work in France and Spain where it is considered something of a success story? And what are its drawbacks? Will it in the end prove a recipe for pulling the nation apart, or will it cement faith in our nation’s talent for self-government?

For more about The Daily Debate, and how to attend to discover the controversial, highly esteemed special guest, head over to the official 2017 calendar.

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