Kick Your Career into High Gear: The AWE Marketing Academy Boot Camp

Kick Your Career into High Gear: The AWE Marketing Academy Boot Camp


For the first time ever, Advertising Week Europe introduces The Marketing Academy Boot Camp – a two-day initiative exclusively for NewGen delegates.

The AWE Marketing Academy Boot Camp gives participants a highly personalised, curated course that speaks to the NewGen demographic of 32-and-under. The programme, designed and delivered by The Marketing Academy, will feature exceptional speakers, facilitated discussion sessions and peer-to-peer learning, which targets those professionals seeking exceptional skill-building opportunities designed to take them to the next level of their careers.

Day one will focus on “People and Purpose” and what it takes to become an inspirational leader and change maker by understanding “purpose” in every context. Featured speakers will include Penny Ferguson, James Brett, Gail Gallie, Thomas Barta and more.

Day two will dive into skill development in marketing strategy by focusing on the “Professional and Personal.” Attendees will learn how to aim toward becoming an exceptional marketer, but more importantly, an extraordinary human being, with featured speakers such as Richard Tyler.

To attend the AWE Marketing Academy Boot Camp, purchase your NewGen pass here, and be sure to RSVP to confirm your spot in the two-day intensive academy! There are limited spots available.

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