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Vudu is doing free TV, better. Vudu now offers more than 10,000 free, ad-supported movies and shows, along with a new slate of original programming—all on a platform that doesn’t require any commitment.

As we roll out more customer-friendly features—more on that in a little bit—we are also on the cutting edge of making sure that our partner advertisers get the best return on investment, and can track the effectiveness of their campaigns with unprecedented precision.

You’ve likely heard of our shoppable ad platform, which allows customers to add items to their Walmart.com shopping carts seamlessly on their televisions, without interrupting their viewing experience. And with over 95% of America shopping at Walmart companies each year, our first-party data allows you to ensure that your ads are reaching the right customer at the right time—we not only connect the Vudu viewing experience to Walmart’s shopping cart, but we help you target against past purchases.

Most importantly for our advertising partners, we can track the effectiveness of your campaigns in ways that other platforms can’t—showing you the direct sales impact, of course online, but also in-store, by matching shoppers’ Walmart profiles with Vudu accounts.

On September 12th, we rolled out a whole host of new features to cement Vudu’s position as the best place for families to watch TV, free or paid, and the best place for advertisers to reach busy families.

To ensure parents can create the right viewing experience for their family, we now offer a suite of family-friendly features to give families more control over their viewing choices.

Family Play allows families to automatically skip scenes and moments of the titles available across Vudu to make sure that the content is always right for each individual family. This feature can be set to skip past nudity, language, violence, or all of the above, on free movies like Superman Returns, Gravity, and Spider-Man 3, and on paid movies like Men in Black: International, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Pokémon: Detective Pikachu. This means that if a family is all right with movies containing some violence but want to avoid nudity and objectionable language, Family Play enables families to have their content aligned with their values.

And with our new Kids Mode, families don’t have to worry anymore about their tech-savvy kids switching accounts to be able to access mature content. And you don’t have to wonder if our Kids Mode is right for your family; you can dial in the specifics of what’s included in Kids Mode based on age-appropriate ratings powered by ratings from Common Sense Media—the preeminent source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families. Their precise, age-specific, unbiased ratings are informed by experts, parents, and children alike.

While our family-friendly features are all powered by easily configurable settings, if families are just looking for child-friendly content in our Vudu storefront, we’ve got a Kids Store accessible to all accounts.

Busy families don’t have time to extensively research every title they want to watch—these features will give them more control over the content that the family watches, without requiring the heavy up-front lifting of ensuring that every title is appropriate for each individual family’s values.

This level of parental control is unprecedented; these detailed, age-specific settings will allow families to safely explore and watch content in ways that no other streaming service provides.

And, of course, Vudu will never stop delivering on the core Walmart promise of Everyday Low Prices. Families can always buy and rent the titles they love while knowing that they meet our promise of Everyday Low Prices—and with 10,000 free, ad-supported titles, they can keep costs even lower than low; what’s cheaper than free?

Our first-party targeting and reporting capabilities are unparalleled, and now, with Vudu Audience Extension, you can reach your target audience not only through Vudu, but also through myriad other streaming services, allowing you to advertise to potential customers where they are, not just on one individual platform—while still letting you track their purchasing behaviors in a truly end-to-end solution. This instant-scale platform allows you to reach a significant portion of US homes, all with one simple CTV buy, supported by Walmart’s exceptional first-party data.

At Vudu, we’ve built out the ideal platform for busy families, and with these steps forward in Vudu’s advertising technology, you can see that it’s also the ideal platform for advertisers needing to reach those families. Reach out today to make sure that you’re spending your ad dollars as smartly as you can.

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