The Brand Innovation Track at #AWNewYork


Are marketers truly innovating anymore, or is everything a rehash of things past? Most in our industry would argue that with the lightning quick evolution of technology in the media field, the rapid rise of data and the melding of creative with tech, brands can now innovate better than ever. Still, the challenges are there, especially for those who try to stave off technology. Brands that do embrace it and open their minds to the endless possibilities of things like cross-screen viewing, programmatic, data-driven creative, AI, VR and other new frontiers, are seeing success.

The Brand Innovation Track looks to those brands making the best of the opportunities out there. Those that are looking out for their best interests while taking chances and walking down new avenues are those who are winning. Learn from the best practices of brands on the cutting edge.

In “Building an Authentic, Bold Campaign,” Tecate’s Esther Garcia will discuss the success of the brand’s recent campaign, “The Wall,” and share how other companies can authentically engage timely topics and conversations.   

In “Content Takes Flight: Unlocking the Jordan Brand’s Approach to Content Strategy,” panelists will explore how the broader definition and application of content can reimagine a brand’s marketing strategy and will prove critical to every brand’s future advertising efforts.

In “Chatting with Advertising’s Most Iconic Mascots,” famous brand mascots, including Mr. Peanut, Charlie the Tuna and more will take the stage for an interview with our AW360 Icon Blogger, Heather Taylor, and will discuss the timeless appeal of brand mascots.

To learn more about the Brand Innovation Track and featured seminars and workshops, head over to the calendar. Be sure to follow along with event announcements and updates with our latest news.

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